About Us

Hazy Moose was founded in 2022 by Joshua Ford in the rich, farmland town of Howland, ME, with an office that serves patients in Monticello, ME. They take pride in catering exclusively to medical cannabis patients, providing high-quality craft cannabis and value-added products made exclusively in Maine. 

Joshua became an expert in the field by consulting and growing medical cannabis for some of the most well-known dispensaries in Maine. After six years, he decided he could better serve his surrounding communities in the Penobscot and Aroostook county regions. He opened his own storefront in Howland to offer a variety of safe, clean, and affordable medical cannabis. In addition to his own craft cannabis, he strives to offer the highest quality products from reputable cannabis vendors across the State of Maine. All of their in-house products are sustainably grown and harvested by Josh and his team at local cultivation facilities in Maine. 

For Hazy Moose, the community comes first. Joshua prioritizes patient satisfaction over profit. They know just about everyone who comes through the front door on a first-name basis and aim to foster that neighborly interaction with each and every patient they meet. Their goal is to make every patient feel heard, cared for, and satisfied with the quality of their products and services.

Pairing that with Maine’s exemplary reputation for producing some of the most top-shelf craft cannabis in the country, Hazy Moose is a discerning dispensary that only sells in-person, providing hundreds of products, including cannabis, edibles, vape pens, and more. Their expert staff has a vast knowledge of every strain and product to help address the specific needs of every medical cannabis patient at affordable prices. 

About Hazy Moose